Writing a Distinguished Matrimonial Profile
Writing a Distinguished Matrimonial Profile

Writing a Distinguished Matrimonial Profile

1 August, 2020 Swaran Kaur

Success in finding a compatible life partner in matrimony is very much dependent upon how well your profile is written and how well you present yourself.

First Impression

Giving a memorable first impression will attract others to your profile. Prospects for contact are good if others can find something attractive or appealing in your profile. An unexciting profile is quickly overlooked.

Expression of Personality

It is extremely important to express your personality.

Write your profile in an interesting manner, distinguish yourself and express your personality as much as possible. It is the descriptive part of your profile which will attract others to your profile much more than the fixed choice questions and so use this to your advantage.

Briefly talk about what is important to you, your goals in life in a realistic manner, hobbies and interests to give others a sense of who you truly are.

Introduce your personal qualities as strengths as this will ensure that you are remembered. This, together with your profile picture, are the main motivation for a potential matrimonial partner to contact you.

Profile Photograph

A profile photograph is a must.

A profile without a photograph makes it difficult for others to connect with you and therefore the probability of your profile being ignored or overlooked is high.

Your main profile photograph needs to show your face in the best light. Make sure it stands out and that it shows the characteristics of your personality. Your photograph should communicate who you are and your interests in life.

Others form an idea of your personality by looking at your photograph such as how you have posed, your facial expression, the clothes you are wearing etc. They can then make an informed decision as to whether or not to make contact with you.

A really great profile photograph can help to enhance your unique qualities and attract like-minded potential matrimonial life partners. Surveys have shown that an attractive profile photo is the strongest determinant of whether your profile is appealing to others.

Selfies and group profile photographs are not a good idea. They do not show your best characteristics or bring your personality to life.

Honesty & Humility

Be honest about yourself. Your profile is critical for the future success of your relationship. Be sure it truly reflects the best of who you are, and, it provides the correct impression to potential partners.

Generally people prefer humility in others and so bragging is not a good idea. Your profile is there to help others find out who you genuinely are and to enable them to build trust with you and to respect you.

Talk About Your Partner Preference

Also, briefly write a few guidelines about the right type of person for you. This will help others decide whether they would be the right person for you. Be absolutely honest about the type of partner in matrimony you would prefer and with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life.

Check for Errors

Finally, make sure that the spellings and the grammar is correct. Make sure that your profile represents you, your standards, your values and the truth. The more time and energy you invest in making your profile interesting and truly representative of who you are, the better the response you will receive from others.

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