Single Sikh NRIs Looking for Life Partners
Single Sikh NRIs Looking for Life Partners

Single Sikh NRIs Looking for Life Partners

23 September, 2020 Swaran Kaur

Whether you are living in Canada, USA, Australia or the UK, finding a life partner with a similar background can be challenging but not impossible.

Within the Country

Generally most single Sikh NRIs prefer to find a life partner from within their own country. For example if you live in Canada, then a life partner from Canada is always preferable for cultural, lifestyle and language reasons as a life partner from a different country may find it difficult to adapt or may not like the lifestyle or culture in Canada or language could be a problem.

Small Population of Sikhs

Some countries, such as Singapore, have a small population of Sikhs and therefore single Sikh NRIs living there only have a very small pool of life partners to choose from and finding a suitable match may not be so easy. They could look to the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. The culture and lifestyle of these countries is similar to Singapore.

Similarly, single Sikh NRIs living in Canada can look to the neighbouring USA for life partners and vice versa as the culture and lifestyle of these two countries is very similar.

Matrimonial Services Provided by Sikh Gurdwaras

There is a large population of Sikhs living in countries such as Canada, USA and the UK. The Sikh communities in these countries have built many Gurdwaras not only to provide a place for worship for the Sikh community but also other services such as matrimonial services. Single Sikh NRIs register themselves at the Gurdwaras' matrimonial services in search for life partners.

In the early days, there was a great demand for such matrimonial services at Gurdwaras. However, in recent years this demand has decreased with the emergence of matrimonial websites.

National Matrimonial Websites

Nowadays, there are numerous matrimonial websites available where single Sikh NRIs can register their profiles and search for life partners. If the preference is to find someone from within their own country then it is more beneficial to register with a national matrimonial site in that country as this objective can be easily achieved.

International Matrimonial Websites

Not all single Sikh NRIs prefer to marry within their own country. There are those who want to find the right life partner and are not particular about the country of their life partner as long as he or she fits their search criteria. For such single Sikh NRIs there are international matrimonial websites which provide a worldwide platform on which they can register their profiles and search for potential Sikh life partners anywhere in the world.

As one can see there are various platforms available for single Sikh NRIs to find a life partner. The choice of platform depends on their personal preference and whether they are looking for a life partner from within their own country or further afield.

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