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Sikh Marriage

Sikh Marriage

14 June, 2020 Swaran Kaur

No one can dispute the fact that marriage and family life strengthens a community.

The Sikh Faith's Perspective on Marriage

In the Sikh faith marriage is considered to be the highest form of living. Just as in the world, the sea is considered biggest amongst the lakes and rivers. Just as a sandalwood tree and gold is considered supreme amongst the trees and metals respectively. Just as the swan is supreme amongst the birds and the lion amongst the feline family. Just as the knowledge imparted by the True Guru is supreme of all knowledge, so is the family life ideal and superior of the many ways of living.

Sikh Parents

Sikh parents encourage their children to marry and this usually starts when the children have finished their education and they begin working. Finishing education and starting work is seen as the first stage in the children's life and the next stage is marriage.

In The Past

In the olden days, relatives would make introductions to arrange marriages. In those days the majority of the marriages which took place were arranged marriages and despite the fact that some couples were totally incompatible, the marriages were quite successful. The matchmaking criteria was simple and there were not too many expectations from either side.

The Present

Nowadays, arranged marriages are few and far between. Young Sikhs prefer to find their own life partners, hence the emergence of numerous matrimonial websites providing opportunities for searching.

The Sikh matrimonial website is one such website which has been launched to specifically cater for the needs of the Sikh community where single Sikhs can register and search for a suitable match for marriage.

Advantages of Matrimonial Websites

The main advantage of matrimonial websites is that they enable a wider selection as the search can be carried out worldwide but under the arranged marriage system the choice would be rather limited. In addition, they enable the individual to match up the qualities he or she is looking for in their partner.

Sustaining a Marriage

Despite finding the best match and compatibility, it is not always easy to be sure whether or not someone is marriage material. It is only over time that the true character emerges. The two qualities which sustain a marriage are kindness and consideration towards your partner especially during the times when life is difficult. Shared morals and values are a solid foundation for a marriage against the storms of life.

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