Punjabi Single Sikhs & Matrimony in the era of Coronavirus
Punjabi Single Sikhs & Matrimony in the era of Coronavirus

Punjabi Single Sikhs & Matrimony in the era of Coronavirus

31 October, 2020 Swaran Kaur

In the current climate of coronavirus it is not feasible to meet your potential Punjabi Bride or Punjabi Groom in person due to various government social distancing restrictions being put in place in order to control the spread of the virus and no one knows how long it will be before life becomes normal again. Punjabi Single Sikhs whether they are looking to make contact with a potential life partner within their own country or further afield should not be put off by the recent coronavirus restrictions as there are alternative means of making contact instead of meeting in person.

Digital Technology

In this era of digital technology, there are alternative ways of making contact and talking to each other such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom etc. This is the next best thing and Punjabi Single Sikhs should take advantage of these when searching for a potential Sikh Bride or Sikh Groom for a Punjabi Matrimony.

The vast technology available enables us to communicate with one another so easily nowadays. Nobody is too far away. Everyone is contactable pretty much all the time. However, this new way is not without its own challenges and opportunities.


When communicating online, one of the dangers is that it is easy to become deeply involved in a potential relationship before you know enough about the other person. This is because online conversations tend to continue for weeks and months before meeting in person. Too much information is divulged and overshared before you have even met the person. It is all too easy to build up a picture of a person in your mind based conversations but when you meet that person in real life you may find that there is no connection at all. This can be extremely disappointing and also hurtful for the other person as you may have created a false expectation. Single Sikhs looking for potential life partners should bear this in mind.

Punjabi Single Sikhs can avoid such situations by simply being aware of the risks of sharing too much information about yourself or creating a fantasy idea about the other person in your mind. It is a good idea to set a boundary for yourself at the onset about how much information you share and how much you allow your mind to wander.

In addition, such situations can be avoided by having honest and authentic conversations about the fact that both parties are simply gathering information to see if there is a connection and acknowledging the fact that there may not be a connection at all when they eventually meet in person.


Although communicating via digital technology instead of in person may seem a little out of the ordinary, this is actually a great opportunity for Punjabi Single Sikhs. Generally, one of the biggest problems holding Single Sikhs back, whether they are Canadian Single Sikhs, UK Single Sikhs or from any other country in the world is that the time and money invested in seeking potential life partners does not reap the return that many would like. For this reason, communicating via alternative means is a great opportunity for not only Punjabi Single Sikhs but all singles which can help them to have a more meaningful connection and decide quickly if the person is right for them.

Communicating online also enables you to agree some shared ground rules before a face to face meeting. For example, meeting indoors or outdoors and willingness to respect social distancing rules etc.

Finally, the coronavirus and social distancing measures have slowed down the whole process of finding your potential Sikh Bride or Sikh Groom which in many ways is a good thing. The online communication enables one to practice authenticity and have clear conversations without the pressures of face to face meetings.

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