Keeping Love Alive in a Punjabi Matrimony
Keeping Love Alive in a Punjabi Matrimony

Keeping Love Alive in a Punjabi Matrimony

18 December, 2020 Swaran Kaur

New Life

Punjabi Matrimony is the beginning of a new life for Punjabi brides and grooms and an essential part of marriage is managing relationships and keeping your love alive for each other.

Marriage without love is like a flower without a fragrance. In most marriages, love seems to disappear after a few years but there are some aspects that can help to keep your love for each other alive.


Acceptance is the basis of respect and if you respect each other this will go a long way to make your marriage a success. Accepting each other should not be based on mere words, it should show up in your actions too. You should be ready to accept and respect each other's families and relatives.


It is crucial for the Punjabi bride and groom to develop an attitude of friendship to gain confidence in each other. Just as you share your secrets and good times with your best friends, doing the same with your life partner will create a great deal of trust and understanding in your matrimonial life. Friends understand each other's perspectives and stand beside each other in difficult times and if you share your day with your life partner, you will have the same trust in your relationship too. Taking the time to understand each other's values, interests and goals will make you more comfortable with each other.

Spending Time With Each Other

Most couples stop spending time with each other after marriage and get involved in their daily routine of life. This is the biggest mistake they can make. The Punjabi culture and family structure is such that there is not much privacy. This kills the spark between the Punjabi bride and groom. You need to spend some time together, laugh with each other, have fun and bring the romance back into your life.

Share Responsibilities

As both the Punjabi bride and groom are usually working, it can become difficult to handle the personal as well as the professional lives effectively. This can lead to arguments which in turn can cause a breakdown in the relationship and more seriously can eventually bring an end to the marriage. One partner should not be burdened with all the family responsibilities. Share the work at home and enjoy spending time with each other while doing the daily chores of the house including the responsibilities of the children. This is an excellent way of building a strong relationship.

Give Some Space

Staying together after marriage does not mean that you should invade each other's personal space. You should not expect your partner to be with you at all times both emotionally and physically. You need to give enough personal space and freedom to each other to ensure that your love can blossom effectively.


Arguments will inevitably happen in every marriage especially in the initial years. However, if you want to keep your love alive in your hearts then you must learn to forgive each other. Holding grudges over small arguments and petty little matters can kill your relationship.


If you want a vibrant marriage, then you should listen more than you speak. Take the time to understand your partner's life and health conditions and expectations.

Daily Dose of Love

Love and kindness should not be just for birthdays and anniversaries. You can celebrate every moment of togetherness and love between you. Do not leave your kindness and affection for special occasions. Giving even a chocolate or a rose can bring a smile on your partner's face.

Following these tips will ensure that love will never fade away in your matrimonial life.

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