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I cannot login to my Ekjot Sanjog Account.

For Lost Passwords:

If you cannot login to your Ekjot Sanjog Account because you cannot remember your password then the article linked below will help you navigate resetting and recovering your password.

Recover your Ekjot Sanjog password  >>

I haven't received my Ekjot Sanjog account activation email.

Lost Ekjot Sanjog Account Activation Email:

If you have not received an email to activate your account when you registered with Ekjot Sanjog, please read the article linked below to resolve it.

Recover from lost activate account email  >>

I'm an Ekjot Sanjog customer and I'm looking for account management support.

For Account Management Support:

Please read the article linked below, it will answer most of your inquiries.

Account Management  >>

Self Service Additional Resources

It's much faster to find an answer to your inquiries by reviewing our Help pages. Many questions about using the Ekjot Sanjog website are addressed on the Help pages.

Alternatively for any other help

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