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So register with us and be found by a potential punjabi Sikh life partner wherever you are in the world. We are a Sikh only matrimonial service to assist single Amritdhari and Non Amritdhari Sikhs find their life partner within their own faith.

Maybe Sanjog (destiny) brought you to EkjotSanjog.com to meet someone special.

Sikh Matrimoninal
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Why find a Sikh Bride or Groom on Ekjot Sanjog

Beyond family gatherings and recommendations by friends and Gurdwara, it is not easy to meet single Sikhs. Ekjot Sanjog empowers you with the platform to connect and communicate with other potential single Sikhs online who are also looking for a life partner. Ekjot Sanjog is dedicated to support the Sikh community wherever they are in the world.

Demand for a life partner is high and the capacity to fulfil the need is hidden in the demand itself. But there is a gap between these two and Ekjot Sanjog wants to improve this situation for the Sikh community. To resolve this we are now inviting you to participate by registering as an individual or parents can register their eligible sons or daughters. Our mission is to promote and support the worldwide Sikh community in this work. We ask for your co-operation for closing this gap. Ekjot Sanjog platform can help overcome this challenge.

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